Neck Joint Services and Ghost Mannequin Removal Services in Photoshop

Ghost Mannequin Services or Neck Joint Services — Neck joint services is the popular photo manipulation services in photo editing and retouching industry. Neck joint service is the effective factor in ghost mannequin photography to fixing neck to garment product items.

Outsource neck jointing/fixing services

Ghost mannequin services mainly used for photographers, clothing, apparel and garments industries to showcase their products like shirts, T-shirts, pants, coats, jerseys, necktie, hoody, jackets, party dresses, kurtas, sleeves etc. The photographers who familiar in ghost mannequin photography will definitely know the importance of ghost mannequin removal and neck joint services in Photoshop.

Ghost Mannequin Removal Services for Apparel Products

Removing ghost mannequins from apparel products is must important when the product is before going to showcase in ecommerce store. The clothing products with ghost mannequins hide the imaging elements. It usually distracts the imaging portions. Hence, ghost mannequin photo editing professionals at Image Solutions India helping ghost mannequin photographers, garments owners retail businesses, ecommerce stores to removing ghost mannequins from product images.

Neck Joint Services and their importance in Clothing Industry

Photographers take the photos of ghost mannequin which wearing the clothing products. When taking ghost mannequin photography, the inner parts will not be visible due to mannequins. Hence, photographers also take the missing part of the products. Later, combining the both images using neck joint services to provide proper image structure to their clothing products. Neck joint services or neck adding services is the most important part when showcasing clothing products in online.

Outsource Neck Joint Services or Ghost Mannequin Services

Image Solutions India having team of professional image manipulation experts who are specialized in Photoshop neck joint services and neck adding services. We provide outsource neck joint services to ecommerce stores to showcase their clothing products. Our ghost mannequin editing services are also included,

· Color enhancement services

· Eliminating ghost mannequin from garment photos

· Changing product backgrounds and removing product backgrounds

· Cropping, enlarging and straightening

· Combining or merging images

· Removing wrinkles

· Adding/removing labels

· Removing unwanted elements and parts

· Removing shadows, reflections and highlights

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