It was the year my six-year relationship ended. It was also the year I graduated from university after studying design for six years.

It was also the year my mum passed away after battling a long-term illness.

Lots of questions spiralled in my head, desperately looking for answers. I was trying to figure out what’s going on.

I decided to make a new, fresh start. Again.

I needed a new challenge. Something to help me stop thinking about the past.

I decided I want to move to another country. …

Imagine you just bought a new jacket. It looks great and you look great in it, but there is one small problem-the sleeves are too long. They need shortening, a task you deemed simple.

40 minutes later…

Google has provided you with several local companies which could do the job. One website had great photos, even some featuring jackets like yours. You decide to contact them, but cannot find the contact details.

Another website has no photos and hardly any content at all. Extreme minimalism to the point that they forgot to even include their services. Do they do women’s…

Oh no, this question again.

There’s a recurring debate in our industry over whether or not designers should write code. Everyone has an opinion. The answers always depending on who is asking.

I have been doing both in my career. I have been both a developer and a designer. My short answer is, they can if they want to.

If you ask, should developers design? Again my answer would be, they can if they want to.

They both would benefit from knowing how others work.

Just like they would benefit from knowing how to manage a business, do bookkeeping or…

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