Choosing Umbrella Structures for Commercial Applications

Umbrellas and commercial sites go together like peanut butter and jelly! From country clubs to sports facilities and more, you can easily find the perfect umbrella structure for your setting at Imagination Recreation. Here’s how to select an umbrella structure for your site.


Square umbrellas are ideal for shading small spaces, but they can be placed anywhere. Try the Single Post Umbrella at bus stops, playgrounds, college and universities, etc. The square-shaped structure brings a traditional look to any commercial property. Some of our umbrellas include:

· Fixed Waterproof Umbrella

· Cantilever Umbrella

· Tilt and Swivel Umbrella


Need an umbrella that covers any area, large or small? We’ve got you covered! Rectangle umbrellas can shade some of your most unique needs with its four canopy panel. The Dual Column Umbrella offers great shade over benches or picnic tables. Our other rectangle umbrellas include:

· Horizon Umbrella

· Sunset Umbrella

· Vista Umbrella


Choose hexagon umbrellas when shading for parks, playgrounds, or other outdoor areas. These go-to umbrellas are uniquely shaped and have six canopy panels. A few of these structures include:

· Single Post Umbrella

· Horizon Umbrella

· Sunset Umbrella


Don’t like the hassle of taking down your umbrella every time it rains? Does inclement weather threaten your outdoor business? Our water-resistant umbrellas are great for all-weather protection. These shades are especially convenient for coastal areas. The waterproof feature benefits the facility because it’s designed for high precipitation areas. Choose waterproof umbrellas when shading for resorts, restaurants, and other outdoor commercial applications. Some of our waterproof umbrellas include:

· Fixed Waterproof Umbrella

· Vista Waterproof Umbrella

· Waterproof Hypar Umbrella


The Portable Retractable Umbrella brings the shade to you. This shade structure is a great solution for any outdoor application. Choose this shade structure when shading pool sides, outdoor dining areas, and more. With its off-centered post and portability, you can shade areas you couldn’t before.

With Imagination Recreation, you can embrace your site’s design by choosing a unique umbrella structure to compliment it. For more info on our commercial umbrellas, visit us online!

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