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5 min readDec 11, 2019


Its an era of social media where everybody shares what they are doing.The internet is full of food and travel bloggers. You see those travel photos to exotic places and want that life but cannot afford it. So, what can you do? One way around is “Changing The Background”.

Yes, so many food bloggers do it. Don’t you dare think that to do so you need to learn to use “Photoshop”? Oh dear! Well guys welcome to the future. There is now an innovative app like Cut It. Cut It allows you to do it right from your phone.

Cut It :Cut Cut Background Changer

Now, imagine its the day you receive you wedding photo shoot album. Yay. You look gorgeous in the photos but the background.. urgh 😒… Now, what comes into your mind? “I’ll get it photo shopped”. You don’t know how to use it. “Let’s try it, it won’t be that hard”.

Soon you are like “Why so many layers? What does this button do? How to add new layer? Why is it all in gray blocks?”. You are done with it. Okay you can pay someone to get it done. But you have spent all the savings on the wedding. What would you do now? Never allow those photos to make it to the wall… Don’t do that. All you gotta do is…..

Download Cut It

And with one touch get your dream background. For instance:

Cut It wedding

Cut It is a multi functional app by, that does much more than removing backgrounds from photos. Its very easy to use.

Cut It icon

Photo Selections

Normally what such apps do it they just allow photos from your gallery and camera. Duh.. Everybody does that. What makes Cut It unique? Keep on reading.. and learn how you can Flex on Instagram here(gonna link it to how to use article).


Now, this one is out of this world. Not only you an edit your photos but photos of your favorite stars too. Yeah you read that right.

So, now you guys can either choose to make memes or your friends jealous 😉. We will leave that up to you.

Demo Photos

Don’t know much about photo editing. Chill out. There are some Demo Photos for you to play around and experiment.

Cut It backgrounds


You can choose photos from your gallery too. Obviously.


Don’t like the pictures in the gallery? no worries. Just open your Camera directly, click a photo with that stack of clothes you never sorted. You are gonna change it anyways..

Infinite Backgrounds

Let’s get to the main stuff. What do you think how many backgrounds are gonna be there?100?1000? Nah man! We give you Infinite Backgrounds Choices.

Web Search

Select you Favorite background from the sack of internet. Show the world your searching skills. Find the best one from the infinite choices.

Cut It search

Wait….. that’s not it. We are not done here. You can also set how much you wanna get yourself blended with the background. Perfection Baby.

Adjust Background by zooming in or out with the help of two fingers. Or move within the background to adjust yourself in it.

Blend Yourself with Background by simply moving the bar. It makes it look like a unity, you and the back

Cut It Blend

4K Results

A 4k image contains about 8.3 million pixels, promising you a clearer, better and defined photo. Get yourself 4 times better photos with Cut It. You deserve it. Keep Up with the trend guys.

Who Needs Servers

All the processing is done over your smart phone. We do not first load your photos then send it to servers, do the processing and then servers sending it back. Phew… So longggg… No usage of servers makes Cut It faster and smarter.

Off The Grid

That’s not it. We also do not require internet for processing purposes. Unless you want to get photos and backgrounds fro the internet.

Magic Correction

Last moment working… No worries. We got this. With Magic Correction, you got it going from 0 to .

Cut IT Magic

Beauty Touch

Off course, you want that white shiny smooth looking skin but can’t live without chocolates too. Huh…! Worry not now you can have it as much as you want.

Cut It correct


Lets get that even looking skin. No bumps, no pimples and no wrinkles. Seems like a dream. We here to make it a reality.


Got more tanned up? Beat the sun burns with Skin Beauty.


Oh yes we provide filters too. No picture on Instagram is complete without filters. Keeping it real, you know.

Cut It filter


Still not satisfied with it? Got Standards huh. You can provide your pictures some final touches like heat adjustments, sharpness, contrast, brightness and much more.

Cut It adjust

So guys what are waiting for. Open that smartphone of yours and download Cut It.