A note from a guy running a business marathon…

I learn something new everyday. Thats the goal anyways. I am currently on a journey of learning, a marathon some would call it. Here is what im realizing day in and day out, this crap is hard. Building a business up is extremely tough.

Between trying to juggle 20–30 jobs at once, trying to grow an online presence for the company, and being a newly wed, life is going 1000 mph. I wouldnt have it any other way. I operate best in chaos.

Im learning to be self aware. Its one of the single most important qualities in a human. Being self aware, in life and in business, is above all else. Your work ethic, your hustle, your attitude, all pales in comparison.

So here is my note. Yes im going to post daily, probably multiple times throughout the day. Here is what it comes down to. Social is the future. Instagram, Facebook, snapchat — the big 3 — thats where everyone is and that is how you build a brand.