Optimizing Business Intelligence and User Experience Key Focus for Imagineer’s Annual Client Review Roundtable

New York, NY — The investment management community is continually striving to refine their processes and gain valuable business intelligence from their systems in order to make the data driven decisions necessary to stay competitive in this volatile market.

Imagineer Technology Group, a leading provider of robust Investor Relations and Business Development software solutions, has been working closely with leading asset managers to effectively address the industry’s changing needs for almost 20 years. Each year, Imagineer hosts a Client Review Roundtable with top power users to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and process among one another and to provide an exclusive opportunity for attendees to preview the upcoming features in the next release of Clienteer CRM.

During the roundtable this past June, participants received a demo of how to best utilize the key functionality already available in the current release of Clienteer, including ways to maintain accurate data with the duplicate check tool, as well as, tips on how to build insightful reports leveraging the data intuitively tracked within their CRM. Attendees also viewed the latest features in WebVision, Imagineer’s flexible and cost effective answer to rigid and expensive data rooms and investor portals. WebVision’s new event management tool allows users to seamlessly manage their events from start to finish. Users can easily distribute a branded registration page to targeted contacts, then pull that registration information directly into Clienteer to effortlessly manage all the subsequent email follow-ups and reminders. In addition, attendees traded ideas about how to increase the efficiency of the subscription process utilizing technology tools like CRMs and Investor Portals. Many had concerns about the security of managing these documents online, but with tools like Investor Portals with two factor authentication and Document Rights Management (DRM) plug-ins, managers can alleviate some of the security risk and increase the efficiency of their process.

“We look forward to this roundtable event with our top power users every year,” stated Erol Dusi, President at Imagineer. They provide the invaluable opportunity for us to learn from our clients, as well as, have our clients learn from each other.” Imagineer strives to maintain that open dialogue with a hands on Client Service approach through quarterly reviews and topical client roundtables to ensure our products are properly supporting their workflows and thier changing needs are reflected in our continual product development.