Guys who imagined, ImaginorLabs

Great to see you are here after the 1st part. And I promise this part would be more exciting. Let’s roll it.

So the product which every company builds at the very starting is “The Team”. The best people you find, the best product you can build and eventually & ‘fortunately’ we have some of the best minds working with us.

I will come to each of their part and how they are making a difference in impacting their lives and would be impacting other lives, in the long run, is worth mentioning.

We started with a very different idea and Dojo, was in our contingency plan and Ananya being faced a very similar situation of bad customer experience it a 3-star hotel in Mumbai was keen to take this up seriously. Ohh, let’s take two step back and introduce some key pillars of our journey.

Suprateek- My college junior is a blockchain enthusiast, covered by some world famous renowned media company and have in-depth knowledge in Social Media, is a must-have person in every company, so I look for people where I can share responsibility & ownership, and fundamentally his in-depth knowledge is great to have and we share a lot of ideas. It’s a great learning experience for me too.

Now the most important character in building Dojo — Sayantan, ok, so he is my younger brother. He has his own share of struggle throughout, will ask him to write a blog about his story which will inspire you a lot. He has built Dojo from scratch. He is one of our tech guy with immense knowledge of Datascience and AI. He is literally the brain behind dojo.

Now let’s introduce Tanmay — He is the ever jolly one, with great optimism, what so ever is the situation. He is the main go to person to hear the problem faced in hotel industry in terms of customer experience. Worked under some renowned hotel brands in India. He brings a great network in hospitality profession along with him.

Sudip — He is more of a brother to me; a great friend of Sayantan. He is a charming personality with great marketing capability and one thing I would like to add, he is actively looking for a girlfriend now😉😉. Girls, you have a great option.

Sayanjit and Mrittunjoy — They are our greatest discoveries, a passionate hardcore technical person with great capabilities to turn around idea into mvp in no time. We consider very lucky to have them onboard.

We have touched a lot more lives in forming a great team. And as its a common term in a startup that a team can make and break your idea. This was my learnings from my initial days of football — to have a great team and allow them to play at their respective position, and they will blossoms.

So the team is ready what next, the coach. We got lucky to found a great mentor in Prabhjot Singh Bedi from Eclat Hospitality, a renowned personality with profound knowledge in the hotel industry and a great ideator. We share a common vision to reduce problems in the hotel service industry using technology. Ohh, we both have served at TATA.

If you have come to this part, and for some reason you are probably thinking, this does not seem exciting but remember “Teamwork makes a dream work.

And a note of thanks to Vivek Kumar Jha, Monodeep Bera, Soumya Ranjan Sahoo, Indranil Choudhury, Chinmay Chinara, Kalyan Ghosh, Ram Kishor Mukherjee, Sandeep Dan and countless names for being a part of our journey.

A special note of thanks to Mr. Arihant Kothari of Nasscom 10k Startup for being so supportive right from our first discussion even before we got incubated.

Stay tuned for our next part.