Field of Tramps

An All-Star Baseball Team of Celebrity Bruce Springsteen Fans

The Boss celebrating another E Street Kings win — yes, that’s a baseball glove under Boy Bruce’s arm.

With The Boss celebrating his 66th Birthday last week and the Major League Baseball regular season winding down and turning toward the post-season, here’s an homage to Bruce’s favorite sport through a roster of his most famous fans.

Phil claims he keeps this photo in his wallet at all times

SP — PHIL ROSENTHAL (Phil’s Jewish- Sandy Koufax’s Jewish- They were both born in NY and later moved to LA- Phil’s one of our starting pitchers- Everybody loves Phil)

Tim Robbins hanging backstage

SP — TIM ROBBINS (Nuke LaLoosh- need I say more?)

Ex-MLB pitcher Al Leiter is Mr. Tambourine Man

SP — AL LEITER (This Jersey boy pitched for the actual Yankees and Mets)

SP — SEAN PENN (Hello? His initials? And I just want to hear someone say, “Spicoli winds and deals”)

Ask Siri Who’s The Boss- Hint: It’s not Tony Danza

RP — HENRY WINKLER (The Fonz pitched for the Happy Days softball team, plus he’s cool like Carlton- Steve, not Banks- and you know he knows how to close)

Colts QB Andrew Luck is pumped about being on the team

RP — ANDREW LUCK (Yes, he plays football; but c’mon, of course he can throw that speed ball by you)

Ed Burns with his model wife Christy Turlington, a tramp like us as well

C — EDWARD BURNS (There was an actual MLB player named Edward Burns, and yes, he was a catcher)

Jillette claims his entire stage presence is a result of seeing Bruce live

1B — PENN JILLETTE (Anyone who can pull a rabbit out of his hat can certainly pick it- and he’s tall)

Ed asking Bruce the tough questions at the Toronot Film Festival- “Can we get a quick photo?”

2B — ED NORTON (Ed’s a scrappy kind of actor, plus he’s built like a 2nd baseman)

Lange got an inspiring call from The Boss after his suicide attempt

3B — ARTIE LANGE (All-county in high school well before he was Too Fat to Fish, let alone play the hot corner- but back in the day, this Jersey boy could play)

Of course Rob Lowe is taking a photo with 2 women- but it is at an E Street Band show- check out his pass

SS — ROB LOWE (The best looking guy on the team is usually your SS)

Tramps enjoy a good story- there will always be a spot on the team for BW

LF — BRIAN WILLIAMS (Babe Ruth played LF and the Bambino never lied, except the time he claimed to point his bat during a World Series game to mark the spot where he was going to hit a home run — or so the legend goes)

CF — MATT LAUER (Matt can cover a lot of ground)

Apatow is delirious

RF — JUDD APATOW (Roy Hobbs’s position and Judd is “The Natural” of the comedy world- RF was also Judd’s natural little league position)

Ben Stiller in “Legends of Springsteen”


BEN STILLER (Zoolander does it all, including a mean Springsteen impression)

Fox rocking that guitar as Marty McFly in Back to the Future

MICHAEL J. FOX (Back “in your arms” to the Future, plus he plays a mean Johnny B. Goode and Light of Day)

DH — NONE (Bruce fans lean democratic and liberal, which makes them a National league club- so, no DH — sorry, Governor Christie)

Hanks and his wife Rita often double date with Bruce and Patti

MANAGER — TOM HANKS (In A League of His Own- Hanks knows there’s no crying in the Land of Hope and Dreams, except when Jungleland comes on E Street Radio)

BENCH COACH — JOE MADDON (Cubs Manager takes his cues from The Boss and has been known to play Born To Run during batting practice)

3rd BASE COACH — DANNY DEVITO (the Don Zimmer of Tramps)

1st BASE COACH — JASON ALEXANDER (the 1st base coach does nothing, which is perfect for a guy from New Jersey who was on a show about nothing)

Winning at the Golden Globes

HEAD OF SECURITY — MICKEY ROURKE (Tough guy with a soft spot- a true tramp)

Riley calling Bruce to find out when he’s going to hit the stage at Fenway Park

PRESIDENT — PAT RILEY (This tramp knows how to run a pro team- I’m sure we can get him to give up his day job as President of the Miami Heat)

Seeking advice from The Boss in High Fidelity

THERAPIST — JOHN CUSACK (“You know, it’s like a Bruce Springsteen song” begins every session)

Backstage with Bababooey- If he can handle holding the guitar, he can handle the bats

BAT BOY — BABABOOEY aka Gary Dell’Abatte of the Howard Stern Show (Well, he sure wasn’t going to pitch)

Olivia Wilde strikes a fashionable pose


OLIVIA WILDE (On behalf of all male tramps I will quote from the album she’s wearing, “Girl, I wanna’ marry you.”)

Shakira Shakira

SHAKIRA (She sings, she shakes- Thundercrack? Let’s face it, she looks great in a Bruce T)

Pour me a drink Teresa…I mean Rachel

RACHEL NICHOLS KERSHAW (An actress from Maine who I’ve personally met in the pit- she’s a real tramp)

Besides the selfie, Taylor painted lyrics from No Surrender on her arm during one of her concerts, so that’s something

TAYLOR SWIFT (She covers Dancing in the Dark in concert and gushed to Ellen about meeting Bruce)


EDDIE VEDDER & TOM MORELLO (Both huge Cubs fans so you know they know the game — and of course, they’ve both played with The Boss!)

Jon goofing at MusiCares


JON STEWART (Jon is the Philly/Jersey Phanatic)

Who’s THE Boss?!

JIMMY FALLON (He’s always good for a laugh)

The Prince of “Darkness”


RICHARD LEWIS (Funny and Passionate- He’s perfect for this bunch)