What #NeverTrump Really Means…

I’ve had it with Donald J. Trump and all of his followers who think the reason why people are so adamantly against him, and whoever stands in support of him, is because he’s a “Republican” or a “Conservative.” Part of the reason Trump is so enamored with the “uneducated” is their woeful ignorance to his underlying message that lies just beneath the surface of his brash personality and inflammatory rhetoric. I’m just shocked that so many of the “educated” are not nearly as concerned as I am. It’s deplorable.

As a proud, Jewish born, American citizen in my mid-40’s, I’m rightfully hyper-sensitive to anything remotely close to anti-Semitism and Neo-Nazi propaganda. My first experience to it in America didn’t come until my freshman year of high school where I attended a primarily all-white Wasp private school in Jacksonville, Florida. We had a handful of black athletes, a couple of Indian scholars and a couple of Olympic Swimmers, one Asian and one from Suriname. I heard comments I had never heard before in public and for that matter, to my face. “Jew him down” was as accepted and as common as “What’s for lunch?” I’ve had family and family friends that both survived and perished in the Holocaust, and of course, personally know countless others who can share similar tales. Both my parents are active members of the Jacksonville Jewish Community, my father’s a former Synagogue President and mother, ex-Sister Hood President. My grandfather immigrated from Poland prior to the Nazi invasion and would end up earning a purple heart for his service in WWII. So, when I see and hear open racists like the KKK and the unashamed Nazi loyalists waving their American flags, trumpeting a man named Trump who wishes to “Make America Great,” my Swastika hazards blare mightily.

Let’s start with the slogan- it’s derived from a white extremist platform from 1940 titled “Make America First”, which miraculously returned in 2016 to be the official theme of the 3rd day of the GOP Republican Convention.

According to vox.com “‘America First’ first referred to a group that resisted America’s entry into World War II before Pearl Harbor. The cause eventually came to be associated with not just antiwar objectors, but also virulent anti-Semites, and the term itself became somewhat taboo. In the decades since, politicians have mostly shied away from the phrase, with a few exceptions on the fringe like Pat Buchanan.”

In essence, this platform encourages America to return to its theoretical core roots- void of diversity, color, race and ethnicities. As if history lessons need to be given to half the country right now, America was a nation founded on openness to all, so, at best, this 2016 battle cry is someone’s warped version of American Fantasyland. What it more accurately represents is a nationalistic (not to be confused with “patriotic), isolationist, anti-immigrant mentality that unapologetically pledges intolerance and persecution. “Make America Great” literally stands for making America “White” and more “Christian.” David Duke, former Klan leader, could not be any happier. Just ask him! He can’t wait to tell you how much he loves Trump’s policies and ideology!

A Jewish friend of mine recently encountered a white Christian man in a California bar wearing one of those misguided “Make America Great” shirts, along with an NRA hat (go figure) who flat-out identified himself as a Nazi and champion of Trump’s message. According to my friend, the confidence and openness this man exhumed was troubling and down right frightening. The only thing Donald J. Trump has made great in America is to hate and discriminate.

How exactly are the mass killings committed by “radical Islams” in this country any different than those mass shootings in Newtown or Charleston that were carried out by white American Christians? Even hate is color blind and spares no group.

That “controversial” ‘Crooked Hillary’ ad featuring a “Sheriff’s Star” and loads of money was remarkably similar to Nazi propaganda in the late 30’s disparaging Jews. Never mind the ad came from the digital white-supremacist world. You may be able to fool the uneducated with the manipulation, but we Jews are an educated bunch. That’s one of our many faults.

Angry, hostile speeches and repeated chants of “lock her up” at the GOP convention help fuel the rage- toward a country these people are increasingly unhappy with. And by “these” people I’m talking about the privileged white bigots and racists. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around women who do not unanimously support our nation’s first potential female President. You do know exclusively white men wrote our original Constitution? I’ve read dozens of articles by prominent journalists and scholars comparing the tone of the current Trump led GOP to fascism rule and pre-World War II Nazi rallies. Whether Trump and his party disavow these people who self-identify as such is irrelevant- simply that their polices and words align so deeply with this group is not to be taken lightly.

I understand all the criticisms of Hillary Clinton. That she’s not the most charismatic, that she can’t be trusted or that she’s manipulative, and at times, downright criminal. Let me remind anyone who thinks this way, the Republican led Congressional Committee absolved her of any wrong-doing with regard to Benghazi. The Republican FBI Director cleared her of any crime mainly due to a lack of evidence to suggest clear intent to break the law, although he steadfastly acknowledged she acted with extreme negligence and recklessness- even Hillary has admitted she made a mistake and could have handled her emails differently. She continually answers all of her critics with dignity, grace and respect.

Trump’s insatiable appetite for her private emails however, seems improper and self-serving. A guy who gladly remains the only major party Presidential candidate in the modern era to hide his tax returns from the American public has the audacity to ask a hostile foreign government to commit espionage just so we can hear what Hillary really thinks about Bernie Sanders, or even more salaciously, her review of HBO’s ‘VEEP.’ More likely what you will find out is that Hillary Clinton is one “tough bitch” as the politically incorrect comedian Bill Maher labels her.

Except this former First Lady, New York Senator and Secretary of State also maintains a good heart and unrelenting spirit of service. If she was a white man, she’d win this election in a landslide- which she still may end up doing, in spite of her gender.

As for her husband’s repeated infidelity and her unwillingness to divorce him, perhaps her family values, the very same ones in which Conservatives and the GOP so routinely preach, are a bit stronger than the man they represent who’s a 2-time divorcee, 3-time husband, admitted adulterer and father to several children from different baby mammas.

And for those of you who think the Clinton Foundation is a toxic organization, much like its principals, let me ask you to research exactly what they do in terms of philanthropy around the world and please show me which one of these activities you rightfully oppose or think is a bad idea. And while you’re digging up facts, (I know it’s not a Trump surrogate’s strong suit- maybe you can ask a Jew for some help- in addition to being well-educated and good with money we’re also adept at things like science and facts) can you please find one person or company Trump’s done business with that has something nice to say about him. So far, I’m coming up empty on that one.

Rather, the man faces hundreds of current lawsuits on issues from unpaid bills to a child rape allegation to fraud. Lest we forget about his multiple bankruptcies. Even Hillary counts more enemies who have said respectful things about her in the past. Her entire political career is built upon advocating and fighting for female and child rights, along with better health care in this country and around the world. Oh, just about the ENTIRE world also respects her a great deal for that. Yeah, I know. That’s really not that important for the President of the United States.

As we’re all painfully aware of now, Trump’s threats, insults and attacks are not just limited to Hillary Clinton. Much like an oppressive dictator, at least three of which he’s publicly declared admiration for, anyone in Trump’s path is fair game for a barrage of snarky, immature tweets and bitter crudeness. Civility, diplomacy and a controlled temperament are most certainly not part of Trump’s golden (or is it silver spoon?) arsenal. When you’re running for the planet’s most powerful position, words, stated or implied, matter. To his credit, he did praise Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea, on her speech at the DNC; but somehow, that seems so far out of his character that you kind of have to chalk it up to his daughter, Ivanka, who considers Chelsea a very good friend. Oh, bet you didn’t know this “fact”: Ivanka and Chelsea both married Jewish guys. They say we make the best husbands. I’m guessing many Trumpeters hate hearing that.

In no particular order, Trump has effectively offended active U.S. military officers and intelligence divisions, current and past Presidents, The Pope, Judges, war heroes and their families, reporters, female reporters, females, the disabled, entire religions, entire races and the Constitution (he only seems to recognize the 2nd Amendment and nothing else). This is a man who believes the word “sacrifice” means working long hours behind a desk in an air-conditioned office. Shameful. In short, Trump offers nothing more than his orange peeled self, his minuscule hands, his plagiarized slogans, his fabulous golf courses and his infinitely bloated Trump-sized ego. Anyone for a round of golf in Scotland?

And finally, the time has come to address the point of this entire piece. The headline- what does #NeverTrump really mean? After the Holocaust came and went, a group of people, for lack of a better word, let’s call them “Jews” adopted their own slogan. It was called “Never Again.” Never again would we allow a Hitler-type (yes, there’s a definitive type- socio-pathetic tendencies for starters) to rise to power and engage in another Holocaust. This was not just about Jewish people. As with “Black Lives Matter” all lives matter. “Since its inception, “Never Again” was a great call to protect any group that could face mass genocide simply because of their religion, skin color, race or belief system. “Never Again” is not a private saying meant to be silenced or said with whispers- oh, to the contrary- #NeverAgain is meant to be repeated over and over ad nauseam at decibels so loud the deaf can hear! You see, #NeverTrump and #NeverAgain are one in the same.

Whether you’re a Christian, a Jew (especially a Jew), a Muslim, a Mormon, a Hindu, an Atheist, an Agnostic, Black, White, Yellow, Purple or an Extraterrestrial being, you…we, simply cannot take that chance…again.

When the head of the American Nazi party (yes, such an organization exists) enthusiastically announces his support for Trump and proudly claims his win would offer “real opportunity” to build white power- there’s only one proper conclusion to draw.

Donald Trump represents everything America is not. He’s a silver spoon bully, a racist, an isolationist and an intolerant oppressor of religious and personal freedoms. Communists and fascists build walls. Americans build bridges.

I would never tell anyone who to vote for in any election- that, by its nature is un-American. What I will tell you, is that the way in which our electoral system is set up, any vote that does not go for Hillary Clinton, is an actionable ballot cast for Donald Trump. If that’s something you can live with, then by all means you may as well head over to Bed Bath & Beyond (or Wal-Mart) upon exiting the voting booth. I hear there’s going to be a clearance on white sheets.