On-сhain Weekly Report №63 (Week 14 2022)

  1. BTC outflows have reached a rate of 96.2k BTC/month. The largest outflows are coming out of the most popular exchanges in the industry: Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, Kraken, Bittrex, and Bitstamp. Binance has seen over 20.8k BTC in outflows over the last 2-weeks.
  2. A very large volume of BTC is being accumulated by Whale entities (> 1k BTC) over the last two weeks. One of the most public entities has been the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG), which has purchased 21,163 BTC over a ten-day period.
  3. The total supply of wrapped Bitcoin on Ethereum (WBTC) has grown by 12.5k BTC showing a continuous demand for BTC as collateral in Defi products.
Bitcoin: Miners’ Position Index
Bitcoin: Supply in Profit (%)
Crypto Fear & Greed Index



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Ivan Maltsev

Ivan Maltsev

Partner at 3xcapital.fund. Managing portfolios in crypto since 2017.