Since I got married, I started to learn juggling. At first, I had few responsibilities and lots of free time, my time was mine and I had the freedom to juggle upon my schedule and based on my mood.When I got my first baby, new balls were added to my performance, I had to improve my juggling skills and I had less time. In few months, I mastered juggling and did it in great accuracy and speed, I managed to have time to read and exercise beside being a mother and a full time employee. Then, with my second baby and my added responsibilities, I chose to become a part-time employee, to be able to handle my duties as a mother and I delegated some balls to a stay-in maid whom I hired to help me in this critical stage called mother of two.

Years passed and my skills in juggling kept improving. I learned to delegate some balls and to drop others, always keen to precious the most important balls and to stay focused on them.

Lately, I reflected on my juggling skills and my balls. I found out that no matter how busy I were, I always had myself one of the balls I juggled. Whether by exercising, reading, nurturing my soul, serving or bonding with family or friends. It’s true that sometimes my ball was about to drop and sometimes I juggled it with less energy, yet I never neglected it.

Reaching this point, I felt happy. Considering myself and my own happiness, development and fulfilment was the fire that kept me fuelled, it was the secret behind my perseverance.

To be good jugglers, we need to be in shape; mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Investing in ourselves is one of the best gifts we can offer to our families and our beloved ones.

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