Afro-Pakistani experiences show that anti-Blackness is a global struggle

Hina Yaqoob and her cousin sitting in their home.

When Tanzeela Qambrani became the chairperson of her local council in Matli, a town in southern Pakistan, she never anticipated opposition from members of her own political party. A finance consultant with the Asian Development Bank, who hails from a family of activists, Qambrani was more than qualified for the…

For volunteer medics and legal observers, confronting police violence can come with mental and physical tolls

Shortly after midnight in Seattle in June, cars passed the street where Danielle Meehan kneeled with an unconscious girl lying on a cot. Aubreanna Inda had been hit by a flash-bang grenade in her chest, and she’d lost her pulse several times.

A registered nurse, Meehan had been volunteering as…

In the wake of a nationwide movement for Black lives, strip clubs are the next industry in need of a reckoning

A graphic illustration showing two Black pole dancers with neon signs mounted on their poles, one says “UNION YES.”

BammRose was sitting in her backyard on a June afternoon, when it had only been a week and a half since George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police, sparking protests across the country in defense of Black lives.

A pole dance instructor and stripper, Bamm, 24, felt the time had…

Iman Sultan

Iman Sultan is a Pakistani-American journalist covering culture and politics. Her work explores identity and how communities shape politics.

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