A Healthy Community Depends on Great Nurses

America faces a health care crisis as it quickly heads toward a 1 million nurse shortage. As of 2018, healthcare became the biggest labor workforce in the country, but it also suffers from the largest shortages. Our demand for healthcare is increasing, but our supply of healthcare workers is not keeping up.

This carries serious consequences. Studies show medication errors increase 20 percent and deaths rise 4 percent when nurses are overworked and units are understaffed.

Plus, their risk of burnout increases. Sadly, suicide rates among nurses today are nearly double the national average.

To save the lives of patients and nurses, hospitals need a way to easily find great talent. The current methods of job boards and traditional recruiting agencies have not changed since the 1990s, and are yielding poor results: the national average for hiring a permanent nurse is 90 days. Plus, many, and nurses frequently experience the “blackhole” of HR.

Driven to solve these systemic challenges, we built Incredible Health, the fastest-growing hiring platform for permanent nurses in the country.

Our mission: help health care professionals find and do their best work.

Our first step was to reverse the traditional hiring process. Instead of nurses applying to jobs, we designed a career marketplace in which hospitals and health systems apply to staff. Our algorithms deliver a fully-vetted, custom-tailored list of solid candidates, increasing hospitals’ hiring efficiency 25X.

Our clients — California health systems who are among the world’s most respected medical institutions — have driven their hiring three times faster than the national average, from 90 days to less than 30. Stanford Health Care, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, CommonSpirit Health and 150 more hospitals throughout California actively use the Incredible Health platform to hire high quality nurses in well-paid permanent jobs.

“To do our best work, we need to have the talent to deliver quality care to those in need. With the ongoing shortage, it’s taking our team longer than we’d like to find the ideal specialized experienced candidates for hard-to-fill positions. With Incredible Health, we consistently hire in permanent roles in under three weeks.” — Stanford Health Care’s Chief Human Resources Officer David Jones

Incredible Health also improves a nurse’s own quality of life. We’re overjoyed to discover that those who find employment using our platform enjoy an average 17% salary increase and a 15% commute time reduction.

Our efforts help them focus on the important task of providing great care to those who need it most.

“Incredible Health’s platform led to hospitals applying to me, and I received three interviews within a week. All three hospitals made great offers, but I could only accept one. I now have a permanent position that is paying more than a good travel contract.” — Althea Tim-Fyffe RN

Iman Abuzeid (CEO, Incredible Health) with nurses recently hired in permanent roles through Incredible Health’s platform

Our vision is to help healthcare professionals live better lives. Joining us in pursuit of our vision is Andreesen Horrowitz’s Jeff Jordan — the best marketplace investor in the world — who led our Series A as we take our solution nationwide. Other investors include the a16z Cultural Leadership Fund. Obvious Ventures, NFX, Precursor Ventures and Gingerbread Capital doubled down on their seed investments. In a testament to our vision, leaders in the hiring space who invested include Matt Mickiewicz, founder of Hired, the leading software engineer career marketplace; Steve Goodman, founder of Bright.com (acquired by LinkedIn); and Pete Kazanjy, founder of Talentbin (acquired by Monster). It’s been a privilege to have the support and guidance of so many amazing backers!

In addition to growth, we’ll also evolve from a straightforward hiring platform to a community that supports health care professionals at every stage of their career.

A hospital is only as good as the people who work there. We’re thrilled to see the world’s leading health institutions taking action and honored to be providing solutions that both meet their patient care goals and also connect nurses to fantastic, permanent jobs they love.

Do you resonate with our mission? Join us! We’re an experienced, diverse team of software engineers, data scientists, designers, marketers, sales team members and more. Look through our job postings and drop us a line. Hospital executives and recruiters looking to hire nurses can find them here. Nurses in search of their dream job can find them here.

Dr. Iman Abuzeid is CEO and Co-founder of Incredible Health. Incredible Health’s custom matching technology offers hospitals a brand new way to hire permanent staff. Thanks to a personalized experience, hospitals save time and money while offering great careers to expert caregivers.

Cofounder & CEO @ Incredible Health, empowering healthcare professionals to find and do their best work.