Hola mylapore maamas and maamis, (maama- it’s not the age. It’s about the attitude). If you think I’m being naive; let me tell you how am not, by reasoning it out. For starters let me tell you something about me: purely to validate my observation and get your hard gold critical approval. A dravid who has built a social circle which consists of 99% aryan homies and has lived in the urban agragharam for 15 years. For a change, are you ready to take criticism from a dravidian, who thinks highly of you but staying with you for so long has made me learn about your way of life. I genuinely feel anyone needs an outsider’s perspective irrespective of where you stand in life, to improve your existing strengths or find different purpose in life. You need an outsider’s perspective to understand where you have gone wrong in a very few but critical areas. 

You are outsiders, let’s clear the air on our identities. I’m the native breed, who was perfectly happy with my way life. This doesn’t mean that am not open to globalisation and cross culture exchange, quite the opposite. You are the superior breed in terms of education, which I think is the most important skill for any human being and you guys made me realise it. 

Critical, you are the best critics and sarcastic people who embrace humour and it drives you. 

Moral supremacy, you guys are so confident and so driven to achieve your targets (guess the gayatri mantra worked). You guys wear a white rope, which reminds your ideals (cute). 

Ambitious, the critic in you constantly drives you and you excel in where ever you set your target and you inspire people if you really find him worthy. 

Selfish, being a pandya we embrace and empathize you foreigners. You have a sense of insecurity to blend in the Jungle of pandyas. Your thoughts and insecurity to share the knowledge have made your race excel in your life. You are the old monks, who breathe mantras and accomplishment gives you the kick. 

Resourceful, all your elders and maamas are well established. You gain so much transfer of knowledge by maintaining the lineage and controlled marriage. 

In this process of learning skills and trying to fit in 'your' society, you could have spent time on seeing the bigger picture and educate the native breed to co-exist. I guess the white cross, crossed us panthers out of the agragharam and to be frank we do like the spiritual life of your’s. If you had taken us with both arms instead of keeping us away. 

Imagine, what we can do with so much diversity and stay united. Our diversity is good but we get carried away with it become blinded and fail to see the bigger picture. If we are more united am sure we can teach the whole world about how to live which is the best lesson to learn and the biggest quest for the firangs. It is not available in any school or institution. Live to learn and learn to live, in the process give us a chance to love you. We are simple beings looking out for inspiration. Hold our hands, aren’t you tired of just adjusting the white rope and adding more threads?

Thank you for your love,


P. S. I know I could be wrong, but I hope my observation is taken as just that and not being a critic (Lighta).