Politics for the busy professional

A famous philosopher once said, “Life is too short for politics”

Before Trump, I blissfully enjoyed my politics-free life focused on my career, family, and friends.

Life was good

After Trump, my colleagues, family and friends won’t stop talking about politics. It’s almost guaranteed that I’ll have to talk about something Trump has said/done once a day. So instead of fighting this sea of change, I’ve decided to embrace it.

It’s important we know what’s going on regarding our government and how it’s changing. Not just because it’s our duty as residents of this country, but because we want to be prepared with facts and well-thought out opinions when the conversation inevitably comes up.

So how do you keep up with everything going on without spending too much time? The only way (short of reading every article) is to read the headlines or the first couple paragraphs of each article. That’s a great way to know what topics are being discussed, but not enough information to know what’s going on. So what’s a busy professional to do?

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You should find a source that aggregates the latest news and provides a facts-only summary that’s easy to digest. Where can you find such a wonderful, efficient, curated source? Well..

I’ll be posting what’s going on every week with a short, easy to understand summary. I’ll state the facts and major items without commentary (It’s up to you to form your opinions).

  1. Administrative: Michael Flynn has resigned after admitting that he discussed foreign policy with the Russia Ambassador before Trump was president. President Trump has named retired Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg as acting national security adviser.

2. Illegal Immigrants: The ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raided major cities in at least 11 states. At least 680 were deported, with 75% having a criminal record.

Note: “Operation Cross-Check” has been in effect since 2011 but this time immigrants without violent criminal charges are also being deported

3. Travel Ban: Trump is addressing this with a 2 pronged attack. First, appeal the 9th Circuit Court ruling that declared his ban unconstitutional. Second, draft a modified ban that is constitutional.

5. Trade: Trump appears to be relatively content with the current trade relations between Canada and the U.S. He plans to “tweak” it, but nothing as severe as what he has planned for Mexico.

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