I plan on living it exactly as I want to, and not waking up on Saturdays at 6 AM to someone projectile vomiting on me. Unless I might have had too many the night before.
You’ll Change Your Mind
Ariel Bethencourt

This made me smile… Until then I found your arguments pretty sound as someone who really weighed on the decision of having a child or not. I do feel people are intrusive or cliché about how each of us should live their lives and I liked that you stand up against clichés. I also feel that the «I just don’t feel like it» was a solid enough argument without the need to fall yourself in the traps of catastrophizing on the grossness of parenting experience to make your point. I did fall is the same trap in the past, and I wish people had also told me about the pure joy and smiles shared at 6 am, the struggle of keeping your eyes open and the delighted (sometimes toothless) smile that greets your efforts. Having a child is raw, hard and beautiful, even more so than I tought, and still no projectile vomiting, so far, a lot of grumpy 6 am saturday mornings, thought, I’ll give you that… I admire that you know what you want and you don’t. You should be respected for that, and should not even have to justify yourself, having a child is amazing for some, I understand why not having one can be as well, if that’s what you want. Its maybe just that simple. :)

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