I went out in a cold night, i can’t even breathe or think straight. As i walk around i see eyes without souls; as if life has sucked all colors from their souls. How hard can it hit you? Your ownself , how can it be so cruel with you . as if your heat beats are beating u on the inside .

“Ahhhhhh” as i breathe so deep , i wonder the stories behind all those faces. Are they like me? Or their souls are full of flowers who rise when the sun visit? I wish i can feel souls around me but i wish they will never feel mine. As i cross the ocean of faces ;and hide my soul with my jacket i take a deep breathe and close my eyes ; even darkness seem to so bright right now. But wait , who is she? Who’s this girl who walked passed me?! Wait why is she leaving me? I must follow her.

All was in my mind who is she? Whats her story? Why i forgot everything around me and only her pic is in my mind? Why everything sounds so dull and dark and stars were hiding behind the moon.

I bet she has a lot of scars of wars she been through ; a lot of cuts and burns from the fire she walk through . As if she always lived on the edge fearing of the unknown ; fearing of the darkness that one day it may eat her soul. why her eyes shines like the stars? And she have the look of a lion who is observing his next meal in gore and hunger without any emotions or mercy; How can lions and stars goes hand to hand in one eye? How can earth and stars walk together?. Can life be tough and ease in the same time? Can evil and goodness walk in the same path together? her soul was calling me like she knew my story but did she?.

how can she knows my story? Or our fates were somehow written on the sky , only few can see and feel them . And why is girl cant leave my side and she walks next to me? Who is she? Why my clock stopped at 12 midnight? And why is she fading? Where is she going? Why is she leaving me?