They say when you lose your voice your find your biggest sound ,Thats what happen to me . In some point of our lives we lost track and get lost like a child lost his mother ; we tend to search of who we are and what are we but its never easy to find . we got effected by many things because human beings cannot and will not live alone; its just a natural gift from god that keep telling you learn and learn and learn and once you stop learning your soul has left your body.

Thus, i been struggling to find myself at a very early stage of my life which i been through stages everybody went through . falling apart , getting up again, life hits u again, bleed, people hit u again, scars , u get a bigger hits and stronger and your stamina gets higher and stronger . at the age of 21 i’ve learned that life is all about raising your stamina when you get the hits but i am still learning tho.

in fact i love learning because the soul is just like the body and mind it needs food and somethings to keep it alive . though , too bad many of us didnt realise that yet. That’s why in our lives we witness a lot of depressed and sad people and criminals and murders and we always wondered what happen that made them like that? Nobody was born evil but sometimes evil and goodness goes hand to hand in the human’s soul , you just choose which one you wanna feed more and life is all about choices.

And every choice we make opens a road in both gates goodness and evil.

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