I am a dreamer, a calculator. More often than not I take risks, the biggest yet being my change in majors. One thing though that is central to all this craziness, is the pursuit for something greater than me; this dream. It ceased to be one when I was spoken over. It became my life and reason for the breath. Consumed me so much all I saw was how it would be lived. Strategies, mentors, a group of friends that weren’t scared off by the magnanimity of it all; it was my DNA strain.

This had now become my lifeline.

Do or die.

Just don’t sit there.

Random peek at my library and there you’ll meet outliers who are shaping my train of thought. Malcolm Gladwell, C.S Lewis, David Mendell, Barack Obama… They all have the crazy characteristic of having overcome status quo. That they were not defined by anything physical but rather intellect, and even more is that these dreamers have got to live their dreams. 

From ‘Damn I want to be’ to, I AM.

Powerful… aye

The one thing that is often left out is the struggle that ensues in their lives as individuals.

Does it ever get to a point where one is immersed in their dream, so much that they lack, and I mean a serious deficit, in their ability to connect with other people?

Are some things primal?
 Is there someone who can be bold enough to stand with us and help us create this dream?

Are we social misfits? 

Are we oblivious to the great imbalances that are as a result of our wake?

It’s a question of identity; our mark-up as human beings. Because at the end of the day, there’s that overachieved professor who fancies of being in a home; that award winner who would want people to see them beyond what they have achieved; that young man who central to his life is the affirmation of the people he loves.

It ceases to be a bucket-list. It becomes the development of my person.

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