Learn to live with the consequences of your past decisions and move on

With your own hands, you have the affordance of writing and rewriting your fate. As you make choices, keep it in mind that you will have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life. Create today the future you want.

Ever heard of the saying that life…

This is how to avoid shortcuts and attain success, wealth the right way

Have you had moments when God required you to obey him and suddenly all the lessons learned about obeying Him seemed to vanish? It happens to many other people. Despite this, God wants you to obey for him to grant you the success you so much desire.

As a child…

Here is why — How to get a focus area for better results

I do not know about you but I often have a string of ideas zooming around in my head all the time. Just like a proton in an atom, they shift from place to place, disappearing here and reappearing there. Most creatives and entrepreneurs are exactly like this. …

You simply have a different perspective. — Sometimes, you are also right but that is not enough

Consider a blank sheet of paper with nothing on it except a small black smudge. What is the most noticeable thing about this paper? I can already hear you exclaiming, “The black smudge”. Similarly, the human character works by the same rules. …

How a prestigious President Obama scholarship changed my life

Two years ago, in June 2018, I was chosen as an awardee of the ‘Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) fellowship’. The prestigious scholarship which is highly coveted by young leaders from all across sub-Saharan Africa, to date, is one that I both deeply cherish and appreciate having received.

To accurately…

Imani Manyara

Founder @Simtabi. Previously @BBC | Senior Full-stack Software Engineer | Entrepreneur | Global citizen, Innovator, Writer | Seventh Day Adventist

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