5 Things You Should Do as a Black Woman In College

classes are soon to resume. For freshmen, this is finally the opportunity to get as far away from your parents and start your journey. For others, it’s the opportunitty to finally get as far away from your summer shenanigans and reuinite with your friends. As an incoming Black freshman last year, I was so stressed out about so many different things. Who was going to do my hair? Will there be other black girls like me there? Will Becky-Ann and Samantha try me in class? Here are my 5 Must Do’s coming into college:

1. Find your Multicultural Student Center or Diversity Inclusion Office

locating your multicultural student center and counselors is so important. These are the people that’s going to have your back if you get into a problem! If you’re school is similar to mine, your student center might be a hangout spot for other students of color. This is the perfect opportunity to find new friends that have similar backgrounds. The multicultural student center will also have tons of information on programs, internships and scholarship opportunities for students of color. This is your go-to place!

2. Find a Hairstylist ASAP

This honestly should go to the top of the list. Coming into college this was my biggest concern especially going to school out of state. If you were like me and on the BBB (broke black girl budget) you were trying to spend as little to NO money on getting your hair done. You’ll be surprised how many girls on campus are trying to make a side-hustle doing hair, I asked a lot of upperclassmen who they went to and who did hair on campus.

3. Find Student Orgs that matter to you

I personally think being active on campus is huge coming in your freshmen year. As a freshmen getting involved maximizes your opportunities of finding new friends and making connections. Find student orgs that pertain to you and where you want to go in life. Also join student orgs with people that have your same experience. You don’t have to go to all of them throughout the year, but those initial few weeks are extremely helpful in finding friends

4. Keep the Family Close

If there’s one piece of advice I can give to an incoming freshmen girl, it’s keep your circle small. Surround yourself with like-minded people and who have the same values and goals as you. A lot of young girls try to be friends with everybody and it almost always ends in disaster. Find your squad, your clique your bestfriend and make the most of your time with the people that matter most.

5. Find Mentors

finding mentors is so helpful as a black girl. Theres so many things you’re going to go through that only someone from the same background as you is going to truly understand. Having a mentor in my corner helped me so much. She gave me advice when I needed it, picked me up and motivated me to do well in my classes, and took care of me at parties and other social events. Your mentor can be a teacher, an upperclassmen, even your college advisor. A mentor is someone you can confide in for everything

Hope these tips were helpful!

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