5 Types of White Girl Privilege You See at a PWI

The 5 types of white girl privilege you’ll experience at a PWI

The “You Don’t Exist” Walker

Pretends you don’t exist. Literally will find you and truck you down on the sidewalk. Excuse me isn’t in their vocabulary. The most colorblind of them all.

2. The #AllLivesMatter

Believes there should be a white student union. Will fight you over all lives matter. Believes we live in a post-racial society. Thinks the name Becky is a racist stereotype of white women. Probably knows 3 black students on campus, including the CVS guy. Morally justifies Trumps views.

3. Half White Half Women of Color

The Epitome of extra. Found out she can identify as a women of color a year ago. Wants to be oppressed so badly. Tries to be down at all times. Probably complimented you on your twerking skills at a party. Calls Goddess Braids “Kim K braids”. Tries bantu knots and twistouts instead of curling her hair. Microaggressions is her favorite word. Will try to talk to you about Lemonade.

4. Becky With The Good Hair

Thinks she can take your man. Uses Nigga frequently in her snapstories and instagram captions when talking about her friends. Knows all the black guy’s names on the basketball team. Extremely problematic. Knows every lyric to Good Kid M.a.a.d City but couldn’t tell you for her life what her favorite song from “Untitled, Unmastered” was. Likes Kylie Jenner. Probably has her lip kit. Believes black features look better on her than on black women. Her only black friend is the one black guy in the white frat (He doesn’t count).

5. “I Understand Your Kind”

Done 3 Mission trips to Africa with her church group. Minoring in Africana studies. Can probably quote more Toni Morrison and James Baldwin than you. Read Between the World and Me more than once. Has zero friends of color but loves black studies. Never been to a Black Student Union Meeting. Wants to become a teacher in an inner-city public school.

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