A Message to White America

Dear White People,

All of our lives do not matter.

All of our lives are not respected and treated equally. I do not have the same privileges within my rights as you, I do not have the freedom to do as I please, I do not have the luxury to leave my house without fear.

You won’t understand this; you’re white, that’s the point. You won’t understand the dichotomy between dead unarmed black males and living white mass murderers. You won’t understand that one bad apples spoils the bunch, as in yes not all police are bad but there’s more than enough to know that one wrong move, one ounce of resistance, and your life is over.

That law enforcement means nothing, when the law that is enforced is ignorance, systemic discrimination and oppression.

And I think to myself, was it not two days ago we were celebrating the freedom of our countr- Your Country? To what has this country owed me but heartache, pain and misery? Dead brothers and fathers, and mothers sobbing unanswered prayers. Wishing for her baby boy to come home.

They’re not coming home, why you may ask? because bigoted, insolent, hateful conniving black-hating black-fearing, law enforcers, police officers programmed and raised; birth children that are programmed and raised to hate me, to hate us, to hate those who’s ancestors gave you this land; who died creating this land; who was killed on this land, just couldn’t seem control themselves.

So forgive me when I say Shut up with your all lives matter coumbaya bullshit. Sit down with your stop the gun violence rhetoric when it only affects your people. I don’t want to turn a cheek to forgive so many for murdering no no slaughtering, my brothers, my fathers, my sisters, my mothers, in the most weakest way, in the most cowardice way. With his hands tied behind him, with his back turned away from him, in a choke hold, playing with a toy, in the back of a police car, in a jail cell, selling CDs, Walking from the store. Forgive me when I say theres NO WAY IN HELL I can ever trust this country to make my life matter.

SO i have to shout it, by any means necessary, I have to shout it and let it be known. MY black matters, His Black matters, Her black Matters, Their Black Matters. And from this moment forward you will know.

Sincerely, Your Black Sister

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