Hey Isaac and Stephen,
Matt Bilotti

Is this response only to plug your book? I saw that you’d responded almost immediately to all of the positive feedback. :|

If you only updated “Agile” to say “Scrum”, as Stephen said, that table and the comparison is still woefully incorrect - on every. single. row. Not only that, those “four critical core values” are also incorporated into Scrum (and other Agile methodologies).

Finally your “advantages” of Burndown in that table could be major disadvantages in the wrong business situation i.e. potentially every one that isn’t yours, because you haven’t described here what the conditions are for a company to need this process (the customers have no idea what they want — nothing new? They panic and call you within 10 minutes of a deploy having changed their minds — also nothing new?!). With the misunderstandings of some fundamentals, I don’t think your book will shed any new light.

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