Are You Really Pro-Life?
Traci Schmidley

Hi Traci, I came across your article from a friend that posted it on fb. It seems that this type of argument is becoming a popular one among certain worldviews, primarily socialism. An interesting approach that I commonly see is to use the reasoning that you’ve used to create an argument in support of taxation, a defense of government welfare programs, etc. As a Christian, I’m sure you understand that those programs are not charity, as people have no choice to fund them, and in this light it doesn’t seem to line up with Christ’s teachings as to what constitutes generosity — e.g when he called out the pharisees for their supposed good deeds, being actually white-washed tombs. In contrast, the widow gave all she had, a tiny amount, but her heart was genuine. She was praised, in contrast with those who sought to impose the Old Testament laws, forcing “charity”, which was really a way to control and manipulate people.

So I say all this to ask a question — it may seem like a dumb question, as you clearly have benefited from a system of “welfare”, but I ask as a matter of principle — do you support the idea that we should force others through a legal system to help people, or should we instead rely on true charity, as Christ taught?

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