What’s Next For My Blog?

The book that may have restored my creativity

To my readers,

As mentioned, I’ve been writing a blog each day for the next thirty days with an old friend/teammate Hayden Mills. If you have yet to notice, I have missed two days so far. My struggle has been coming up with content worth writing about. My struggle has been developing thoughts about topics that I have yet to even create.

I’m writing tonight to tell you that my blog may have been saved because of this right here:

My thought catalog. Thanks NCAA.

This book carries my thoughts and quotes I had either thought of myself, read or consumed in some fashion over the past two years. A close mentor of mind suggested that I begin writing down anything and everything. For some reason my pride led me to believe that I would remember all of the things I took in that were worth noting. I swallowed my pride and took his advice anyway and wow am I glad that I did.

As I moved out of my apartment last night, my excuse for not posting yesterday, I found this golden nugget. The pages are tattooed with some of the brightest thoughts from the brightest people I know. Most quotes and topic provoke thoughts worth writing about and I am excited to share my thoughts over my blog for the last twenty days or so of the writing challenge.

Call to actions are important in life and I have one for my readers. Get yourself a journal, notebook, whatever you can easily carry with you, jot down your ideas and save them. I’m not sure what exactly you’ll need it for. I definitely did not think I would be using mine for a public blog. But here we are.

Good stuff coming soon.


What do you think about documenting thoughts? Have you done it before? Would you consider it? Leave a comment below!

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