Why I, Too, Am Starting My Own Clothing Line

Can’t remember the last time Nike sent me a paycheck.

photo by Highsnobiety (at least I think)

If you haven’t heard, Lonzo Ball, former UCLA Bruin, and current LA Laker has been in the media a lot lately. Mainly for his elite level passes and out of this world court vision, however, it all begin with his father, Lavar Ball’s, outspoken nature and vision for his family. As shown in the photo above, they have their own family brand, Big Baller Brand (BBB).

That’s all they wear… literally, their own family brand.

Google “Lavar Ball” and I can assure you all you will see is the BBB plastered all over his hats, shirts, even suit ties.

Lonzo is the first player in the history of the NBA to have his own brand and his own signature shoe before he even stepped foot on an NBA court. The social media world blew up when they found out he turned down endorsements from Nike, Adidas and Under Armour so that he could wear his own brand’s shoe instead. Many asked why would you turn down so much money? Simply because the Ball family wanted to create their own path.

The family has so much pride for doing things different, constantly challenging the status quo and shocking the world with their “big baller” way. At first I thought this is a little absurd. Who would want to buy this? But as I thought about it more it began to make sense.

Nike is not paying us to buy their clothes and rep them on a daily basis.

Okay, maybe they would pay Lonzo since he is on his way to being an elite NBA Point Guard. But they aren’t paying me. They aren’t paying Lavar. We obsess over companies and brands that use our hard earned paycheck to convince us that we will obtain status by repping the highly coveted swoosh or the 3 stripes.

What do we get in return besides the perceived status? Nothing. What do these brands get? Our money and free marketing by having us walk around showcasing these giant logos.

Now, don’t mistake what I’m saying here. I love what these large brands create, and at one point in my life I owned over 100 shoes from Nike and Jordan Brand. However, as I am getting older I am starting to value material much less. As a matter of fact, I sold about 90 of those shoes, and gave away most of my clothes. I will explain why in a later post. Let me not lose my train of thought here.

I created by own brand as a chance to represent what I value, not what large corporations do

first mockup logo for my brand

The logo itself is focused on one of the biggest pieces of my life: my faith and spirituality. My name, Iman Tucker, is the general makeup of the cross. In fact, my name Iman has spiritual backing behind it.

Imân is one of the most common words of the Muslim vocabulary. It is often translated as faith, belief, or conviction. At its most basic meaning, imân is belief in God.

My initials I and T create the cross in which Jesus was crucified to save our sins. Without the son of God’s sacrifice, I doubt I would be the “Iman Tucker” that I am today. I wanted to have a chance to depict that within my logo.

Now, what do I plan on doing with this brand?

Not much to be completely honest. I do not plan on soliciting my friends to buy it. I definitely do not plan on trying to make it in the retail industry. I simply plan on purchasing some apparel for my own leisure, and gift pieces to those close to me that support my faith and my vision for my life.

Like, Lavar Ball, I have a vision and plan for my life. I wouldn’t mind seeing my family repping my logo in a similar way the Big Ballers do. Why not create something that I can wear that helps display that? Free marketing right?

(not really.)

With all of that being said, who is copping SZN 1 of my brand?! Would you create your own brand too? Why or why not? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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