How I was able to perform Row Locking for Read-Write Transactions in Postgres. — It took me 2 days to attempt to solve this, but the solution is actually very simple and elegant.

Concurrent Acces by Xendit

Alasan kenapa kamu harus mulai menerapkan 1:1 secara rutin ditempatmu bekerja, khususnya buat kamu software engineer.

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Yet Another My Life Story: Moving For A Mission to Solve the Technical Scaling Problem in Startups!

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Small things that I learned today about trying Live-Reload for Golang application in development.

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Show off your latest Medium work on GitHub

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A few examples of pagination on Postgres, with Benchmark, written on Golang

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A short story for what I’ve learned today about Querying rows on timestamp value in Postgres

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My Payment schema

Things We Do and Learn when Trying to Consume the SQS Message with Golang in EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)

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Today I learned, The Reality that People Never Told Me about HTTP-PATCH!

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Bagaimana saya melakukan Row-Level Locking Transaction di PostgreSQL.

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