My First Time as Speaker and attending openSUSE Asia Summit 2019

Imanuel Ronaldo
Oct 18 · 3 min read

so this article is not only my experiences when i came to attend openSUSE Asia Summit 2019 but i also want to persuade you to contribute and know more about opensource project.

The Beginning

I know about SUSE and openSUSE as a linux distro’s is when i saw my friends presentation about linux and its distro’s. For my first linux, i tried to using Ubuntu and failed! Because of i installing the Kylin version and i do not know that for chinese version!

I tried to using openSUSE as my main linux is when i got a SSD from Mr. Darian Rizaluddin (Head of Kelompok Linux Arek Suroboyo/KLAS) and he want me to boot it in openSUSE. In that time, i remember that openSUSE release a new version after 42.0 version and its 15.0 for leap. I’m not using the tumbleweed version because i still cant handle for fixing the bug’s if i found a bug and i want to use the linux for daily use and software development hahahaha.

My first try to using openSUSE is half of success because i can install it to my Laptop but when i tried to install another package like packman i failed!, because i put a wrong repository into the repository list! It must be 15.0 repository but i put 42.0 repository in it! hahahaha and because of this, i reinstall my laptop until four times! Its a funny mistake!

Become a speaker in openSUSE Asia Summit 2019

It’s my first time! not as a speaker but as a speaker in international summit like this one. I would like to thanks Mr. Darian Rizaluddin also Mr. Joko Susilo because they push me to submit my final project to openSUSE Asia Summit 2019 and praise the Lord!, it’s accepted.

So my schedule is i will speak about “Developing an Applications based on MOOC’s with Laravel and Docker in openSUSE Leap 15.1” at last day of openSUSE Asia Summit 2019.

Before i talk about my class, i would like to share my experiences that i got from openSUSE Asia Summit 2019. For me, this event already gave me:

New community
I know lot of new people not only from Indonesia but also from another country! I also honoured to know and meet one of security member in openSUSE, Johannes Segitz.

New knowledge
This one is important! I learn so much from the other speaker’s topic. What amazed me is when i know that GNU/Linux is give a lot of contribution in medic section especially using GNU Health and Orthanc in openSUSE Distro’s.

GNU Solidario, the community that contrib lots in medic section using opensource software

Have fun!
I’m so thankful that in this event i can have fun with visiting some places in Bali also fun to share what i have with community people.

So, i will continue about my experience when i talk to few people about my topic. Im preparing for this day so well and i still afraid if i cant answer the questions from the audiences.

For the first i talk about what is docker, laravel and mooc’s based applications and after that i also talk about why i’m using openSUSE Leap 15.1 in my case and using docker instead vagrant that already available from laravel.

Me, explaining about who i am

Why using Docker instead Vagrant?

The reason is so simple because its light and easy to configure. I can configure the setup according to my needs like the webserver, database (mysql) and also PHP 7.2. Vagrant is more similar to a virtual machine and i think its not suitable to used in production level.

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