No Dog is Invisble

In this Sprint we were introduced prototyping of software applications with the app called “POP.” Along with understanding prototyping we were learning to create an app that uses Citizen Science. The particular data we were trying to get users to provide us with was Animal census in the urban community. In my app, I tried to specifically focus on dogs ranging from strays to house hold pets.

In the low fidelity app , the first page is the Log in. Once you log in you are at the home page where you cant see your profile and the four option being puppy points, adopt now, find puppy pals and settings. Puppy points is where the user can keep recor of the dogs they found at any location by checking in at the top, uploading a photo, and giving bried information about the dog. They can see the point they have collected in the bass once submitted or go back and look at the dogs found near them by other users.

The numeric senor data is the amount of points found by each person. The geotagged photo is the photo the user submits when finding the dog. The textual information is the information the user imputs about a dog. The additional feature is that you can adopt now and find puppy pals. Navigation was easily found through back arrows and motivation was to make puppy pals.

2. The sprint involves a lot of techniques I can see using in the future. I had no difficulty with creating the app because POP is a relativity easy but I however struggled with if its user friendly. Its easy to understand your work when you’re the one creating it but its hard to put ypu mind in a different mindset and think if I was an average user, would I be interested in the app; Let alone want to use it.

3. I liked this project because it was fun and felt like I was using time wisely. It is an amazing feel when you can create something. The idea of holding it in my hand and showing someone makes me want to do more of it. I hope to do more prototyping again.

4. The things we did in this sprint such as interaction design and prototyping can make a difference somewhere in society. I believe this can happen, maybe not a low-fidelity but a High-fidelity because what if someone creates a quality app that makes people want to locate stray animal that could loose there life. Then care takers and pounds could save them and maybe some of the animals can find a home. The general public knows more than scientist at times and if scientist want to make a change its important that they get data so they can analyze the problem.

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