HCDE: UCD Charrette

In Studio we were introduced to the concept of a Charrette and what that means is we brainstorm and switch people and come up with users and sketch then present. The Charrette specifically in first studio was about an interphase for any vehicle for my group specifically was for Cinderella’s pumpkin. We developed a basic touch screen that had for app like things on the first page after fingerprint (shoe print). The four apps were special features, security, driving, and beauty. The interphase controlled almost everything and was simplistic for human center. After we presented we reflected on the project which is good for improvement.

The overall technique of this project is useful because it is something used in the everday workforce. I can see this process being used in apple to design the new iphone. I can see this being the pinical process in HCDE labs. A method to create new technology.

I liked this project because I could design technology for society which has always been a dream of mine. Sometimes Engineering can be dry and boring in some fields but HCDE seems to be fun and exciting. The project left room for creativity. I do hope in the future that it becomes more cutting edge.

I realized in studio that there is a lot of communication that is involved in prototyping. My second group had a little difficulty with communication. In the future I wish to engage better and maybe probe people to communicate better by asking questions. I also wonder if all projects will be as simplistic as our audience. I had Cinderella and personally I enjoy cutting edge Engineering so it was hard for me to rap my brain around a Disney character but next time I will try to keep an open mind. I also struggled with giving my speech in 60 seconds so hopefully next time I can get straight to the point to keep my audience attentive.

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