Career Advantages That Hadoop Training and Certification Provides

Did you know that in the next three or five years, more than half of the entire world’s data is going to be processed by one single data analytical tool? Can you guess which data analytical could this be? It is none other than Hadoop.

Bob Mahan who happens to be the Senior Director of Worldwide Field Services says that there will be an enormous demand from the various service sectors for thousands of trained professionals with their expertise in the Hadoop data analytics tool. This has all resulted due to the huge breakthrough of the big data industry and the influx of unstructured flow of data.

Today there happens to not be a quite the question of firms deciding to have a Big Data Strategy. This is because as time passes, the various companies have come to realize the kind of importance of big data and the fact that all IT professionals know it thoroughly and well. These very professionals have begun scrambling to get professionally trained by taking up various courses in Hadoop. There happen to be quite a number of professional training institutes available today, like Imarticus learning which offer a number of renowned certification courses in various data analytical tools such as R Programming, SAS Programming, Hadoop and so on.

If you happen to be someone who’s highly interested in entering into the world of analytics, but is still unsure of how things would really look like, once you do enter it then you are at the right place. There are quite a few answers to the question “Why should you go for Hadoop?” One of the main answers would be the fact that companies are actually struggling to hire professionals trained in Hadoop by the dozen. Thus at such a time, any professional with the knowledge in Hadoop training becomes someone with a great asset. The certification that one receives after training happens to symbolize the capability and the credibility of the person.

In terms of the salary package too, those professionals with an expertise in Hadoop get an edge from the other mainstream data analytical tools. Your career is thus highly boosted with this as you can actually get rapid promotions and increments and can climb up the ladder of success very smoothly. As this environment is pretty easy to work around with, it makes for a great transition field that is required when someone opts to start afresh in the field of data analytics. While giving you a hands on experience of the newest techniques used in the field of data analytics, this field gives you an added advantage in terms of the knowledge about all the latest developments.

Like we spoke above, Hadoop training can be received through various means and processes. You can opt for getting trained in the rudimentary methods or you can even decide to get trained through online training from reputed institutes. Those institutes that offer live training sessions in Hadoop training are preferred mainly by those interested in learning Hadoop.