Careers In Finance

The recent years have seen the emergence of the field of Finance as a viable career option. There has been a substantial mushrooming of a number of specialized fields, all working within the purview of Finance as the options for careers. This has also brought about the emergence and popularity of a term, “specialization”. With so many detailed and branched out career options today, the candidates applying for the same are expected to be masters of their trade. This is the reason why generalized, arbitrary education seems to have taken a backseat, inadvertently promoting professional training courses. Today with such a conglomeration of roles, even in just the field of Finance, it becomes a prerequisite to not only have a general graduation degree, but also a specialization degree. This is one of the reasons why a number of professional training institute like Imarticus Learning are very much in vogue. These institutes excel at providing, excellent mentor run programs, which prepare a candidate in the most industry endorsing way, for a very lucrative and rewarding career.

Moving to the various career roles in the field of finance, there is no dearth of options for a finance enthusiast. The various options include Investment Banking, Asset Management, Risk Management, Commercial Banking, Equity Research, Portfolio Management and so on. When it comes to the field of Investment Banking, the professionals here, who are better known as Investment Bankers are responsible for performing a number of tasks, for large institutional clients. Their functions range from providing advice on Mergers and Acquisitions, underwriting for equities or debt securities, finding new ways and means for raising capital, corporate restructuring and so on. Those professionals who work in the field of Asset Management generally have to carry out tasks ranging from, identifying suitable ways and means of investments for their clients, to managing the finance of these very high net worth individuals. Those professionals, who belong to a special charter or are able to get the credential of CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst, are known to be the best fit for this career.

Commercial Banks are known to offer a host of retail banking services to both businesses as well as individuals. The professionals working in this field of finance, usually perform various duties such are offering their clients with checking and savings accounts, issuing debit and credit cards and so on. Some of the very prominent roles in this field are namely, loan officer, trust officer, mortgage banker, bank teller and branch manager and so on. The field of Equity Research basically involves an in depth and comprehensive analysis of stocks, by an Equity Research analyst, who is further supposed to decide the worth of a certain investment, with the help of skills such as financial modeling and valuation. These professionals provide crucial advice to their clients, in order to help them make extremely critical investment decisions. Corporate Finance is another such lucrative field, for all the finance enthusiasts. It basically involves managing of all the financial activities of a certain institution. This field is broader as compared to investment banking and hence offers quite a variety of options as well. Thus the field of Finance makes for a lucrative one, for every candidate interested in the financial aspects of life.

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