Giving Back To The Society In The World OF Finance

In the earlier days when professionals were asked by a lot of their investor clients, how would they be able to give back to the society; the answer was simple, by making lots of money and giving all the profits they would generate, to numerous charities. Although today, with the evolution of every sphere of life, there have been added a few layers and dimensions to this concept of doing your bit for the society. Now there seems to be emerging a new type of investment in the market, which is better known as responsible investment. As the word denotes, this would be investment that is solely focussed towards the betterment of the society. Conscious capital, green investment, mission investment, sustainable investment are few of the names, by which it is known today. The idea here is to basically enable investors to choose, what kind of charitable cause they would want to support and then just go ahead and witness the whole process.

This new development, comes at a time when a person’s image on the internet of things makes a huge impact on their lives. Today with the information age, at its peak we can not only record a tonne of things, but also showcase our virtual self to the world. Thus with appearances making a huge difference in the society, it does not bode well for an investor to invest in a company, for instance a company which is probably deceiving in nature. It was in the year 2007 when this concept emerged, but it was really the next year when it took off and was hugely popular, amongst reports of greed and deception were exposed in the society. The United Nations has announced that through its, non-profit responsible investment program it is able to raise about 60 trillion dollars, in the form of assets.

In a way this is like a financial protest, amongst all the social evils prevailing in the society. For instance the concept of Divestment, wherein the financial freedom of an individual to say no, was instrumental in putting an end to the apartheid in Africa. Another examples of such a protest include the efforts in opposition of the genocide, which took place in Sudan. This kind of investment embodies the adage, two birds with one stone; while an investor is able to reap proper benefits, they are also doing their bit for the upliftment of the society. This concept has taken off, with a lot of researches and studies, which state that responsible investment is very similar to traditional investment, in terms of returns. An investor would not be needed to pay a performance price in a lot of cases for these and these would still be as profitable as the traditional investments. Various key factors like the environment, women, issues of workers all around and so on work in the favour of promoting these kind of investments. A lot of investors take the help of finance professionals to invest in the best way possible.

These additions of new dimensions to the field of finance is what draws more and more aspirants towards it. While doing a basic degree is accepted, but specialization course is what helps an aspirant the most. This is where institutes like Imarticus Learning come in, with their industry endorsed courses in the field of finance and investment banking.

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