Python — Best programming language to learn

Are you planning to learn Python? If you are an experienced programmer, then it will be easy for you to learn python. Don’t worry if you are a fresher, still you can learn python. So jump into the programming world.

Python is a powerful open-source language that has the capability to build web applications such as websites and software. It can also be used for aspirants who wish to enter the E-Commerce and start-up field.

Imarticus offers certification in Python, which will help you learn about the practically about Python as a tool for effective data analysis, which will enable aspirants to apply the learning in their respective careers. Python is useful in data analytics because it has a rich library for reading and writing data, running calculations on the information and creating graphical representations of data sets.

At Imarticus, we offer certification in Python, a short term online course from a dedicated industry mentor who will guide you on upcoming trends and challenges. Our career assistance services (CAS) team provides a rigorous industry mentoring process that is customised to your needs. Additionally, our team will help you in interview preparation, resume building workshops, 1–1 mock interviews.

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