Why Does it Always Feel like my Loss?

…Because you’re trying too hard

Yes, life will prove you wrong and teach you the hard way. Many times and in many fields. You’re too young, don’t be afraid of what you are, of being wrong or simply stupid. Be afraid of what you might became when everyone around you holds their cards and you have all yours on the table.

I’d dare say, though… that “loser” you’re talking about it’s just all of us, we all lose one thing or another, material or emotional, one person or more one way or another, as we go through this life searching. There is too much out there that we have to go through as nothing comes to our door…if it does, we have to pay for it and it’s usually not worth it.

Nothing belongs to us regardless how much we like to think they do, they’re here running into us or the other way around, to activate our emotions and make us feel alive. Not to last forever. Happiness forever? Be my guest…only Heaven promises you that and that means leaving this world.

You feel deeply attached to someone because you love them? If you love them, don’t cling to them, let them feel free even when they’re with you and set them free if they want to go, no matter how hard that seems to be. If you truly love them, that shouldn’t be hard. I’m not gonna say that overused “it’s their loss” that we’re all sick of, when they go, I’d prefer “it’s not your time” instead (oh…you probably heard that, too!)

“Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all” (well, I like quotes). Let people come and go from your life, they don’t owe you anything and a girl or significant other is not necessarily supposed to be with you forever. They’re just on their learning curve, searching just like you are, crossing roads with one another. And I know you’re not going to like this one, but I’ll say it anyway:

Learn to be your best friend, my friend! Unlike “your melodramatic friend that’s trying to make you feel less of a shit head”, and going by your open way of writing, I know you can take it.

Let go.

I’m not praying for you because there is no need to. You’re on your way, like all of us. Just hung in there.