…Because you’re trying too hard
Ioana Matu

I’m glad I could get on the same frequency with you even though I was your age long, loong…looong time ago.

I like to listen to people so I heard many stories over the years. I guess you can call that knowledge without going to college for it. I used to be a pharmacist, which has nothing to do with people’s emotions. I find this one more fulfilling.

“I would love to learn the ropes of life” you say. I love that thought and I couldn’t have put it in better words. We are in the jungle hanging to those ropes/vines that takes us in all directions. Just like Tarzan. YOU ARE learning them already and I AM STILL learning them myself, just at a different level. The ropes never end or vanish, they only change.

I would love to have a chat with you over a coup of tea, even though I’m more of a listener than a talker. I speak English as a second language, so I write better than I talk.

Meanwhile…here is a few lines I wrote in a little story a while ago, unconsciously anticipating your writing, I guess.

“She has a teenage daughter of her own that has been driving her up the wall and calling her names. Fighting God for her well-being would be her only option if it ever came to that, she thought. No matter how wrong that little soul had been treating her, struggling to find its own way in a confusing world, she would be there for her. She was hoping with all her heart, she’d be able to hang in there, on this bumpy road with her daughter on her way to adulthood. Some days she doubted she’d last any longer without losing her mind.

Achieving adulthood itself has never been easy for anyone, regardless of the political system. The western world seemed to have it even harder as drugs add one more thing to consider. Some of us just got lucky to make it through without major troubles, she thought.

She saw herself in her daughter, always angry without knowing why… “God, it’s all coming back!” She thought to herself. She hadn’t been a trouble maker, but her attitude was not easy on her parents. She felt shame and pain at the same time. “My poor parents…” She thought! Now she knows what it was like for them. “Is there such a thing as common ground for the two generations?” she wondered. Kids don’t know what it’s like to be parents until they get there. If only parents could remember their younger years… She remembered herself being like her daughter…”Yeah”, she thought, “I’ll be waiting for my little girl, for as long as it takes her to come out of that cocoon with a better face. Because she will.