One’s heart never gets old

The rain is tapping the umbrella just like in her favorite nights of sleep, she had a long sleepless night in the hospital, so this is definitely a dream, she thinks. “Will you pinch me? ’Cause I think I’m sleeping,” she finally manages to say. “No, I’m not going to pinch you,” he says getting closer. He kisses her instead, then she knew it wasn’t a dream. She feels like home again, the home of her heart. The rain keeps falling, washing everything away from around them and from their past and struggling souls. She tells him she missed him. “I missed you, too, so very much,” he says in response…”In case you haven’t noticed,” he adds with a wink. “Will you marry me?” “Yes, I will marry you,” she whispers. He puts the big umbrella down against the closest tree. “You want to dance with me?” She looks at him smiling, but not surprised “We don’t have any music,” she says giggling not minding the rain anymore. “Yes we do,” he whispers, holding her gently and starting to sing softly in a low voice, “I’m dancing and singing in the rain.” He sounded good and she followed his steps in the steady rain. A teenage boy is passing by on his bike and looks at them. “Hey guys, you might want to get a room, it’s pretty wet out here!” he says.”These old people nowadays!…he said to himself smiling.

They started walking, holding hands. They were not very young anymore and the sky was crying on a cloudy October day, but their hearts were singing. They were singing the music that never ends in one’s soul, no matter how old the body is. It’s just there, waiting for the right musician to play the harp of the heart when it gets silent.