Stop the war

There is war in the world all the time and everyone blames it not always seeing the origin of it. The world war is the expansion of ourselves fighting our own nature every day until we don’t know what or who we are anymore. As we try to fit here or there, adjusting to whatever it takes to make a living, to please our significant other or anyone around us and be up to their expectations.

Everyday becomes a battle with ourselves, covered by the word “versatile” being a “quality everyone needs in order to fit in”. And that starts in the early years of school when everyone wants to be “cool”, it continues with the teen age years when being “popular” is everyone’s dream. It slowly takes over and fighting something becomes a second nature because “that makes you stronger” and prepares you for life.

You are a quiet one, you like to paint, read or write, do sports or music but that doesn’t make you a living or protect you from bullies, as your parents tell you. You like to play games for the sake of it but you’re told you have to win as there’s no play without competing and the winner takes it all.

Natural selection and the survival of the fittest is what brings any species to a higher level, no doubt about it, it’s written in the Code. I think we passed that stage in our evolution and we should be at the point of working together to create something bigger than our personal image. Our nature is good the way it is as it was created by something larger than us…if we can only see it. THAT would stop ANY war. Improvement never hurts, but don’t lose the original and stop fighting it.