How it sounds like when people care
Yann Girard

When you write for other than yourself

One has not much fuel to start and keep going on the writing road if one writes for others and gets no feedback. One’s inspiration becomes abundant when “it hears the sound” of interaction you’re talking about. That’s the raw material that will get processed in the writing and it has more soul because it comes from more than one source. It’s powerful.

“Write for yourself”…some say. That’s a different type of writing; journals, diaries and so on, that stay with you and act like therapy for your mental health. You may have a therapist in some cases that told you to even write down your dreams. You may also do it just for fun with your friend, having something to talk about on Friday night over a glass of wine while flipping the Tarot cards. It’s great.

But when “you put yourself out there” you write for others. And that’s because you saw, heard, felt something that’s bigger than you to keep at that very moment. It may seem nothing to those who “ ’ve seen it, done it, heard it all” or are just fed up with “to much of everything” times we’re facing.

“People enjoy in silence and criticize out loud” …so true in most cases. Just take it! You’ve reached something and that could be your new source of inspiration. It’s energy, you only need to convert it.

When you write for other than yourself, you give. Even if it’s not as much as it’d be with interaction, you still sent something out. It’s not with you anymore and you feel lighter. Don’t keep!