Mark Bernstein:

When personal computing got started, you could make pretty serious money by creating a good tool that people needed. Dave Winer did that with MORE. Dan Bricklin did it with VisiCalc. Mitch Kapor with Agenda. There were lots more. No guarantees, certainly, and some good and smart people never got the big payday, but it was a real possibility.

That’s gone. The real money in iOS software comes from writing frauds and manipulating sad psychological quirks; it turns out that just about nobody makes a living, much less a killing, designing great iOS software. …

The Ringer:

The Onion is now a Gawker blog,” Klinman says. “We’ve just erased the idea that things have had importance on the internet — that it’s important to have a home, that it’s important to have a place that’s distinct and is what your brand is. Instead, we’ve flattened everything out so that it will do well on Facebook’s version of the internet.” And on Facebook’s version of the internet, everything looks the same, making it difficult for individual websites to stand out and build a distinct reputation


Robert Scoble:

I have avoided naming people who weren’t named in the press so far, but there is an acknowledgment of appreciation I want to make. In the early stages of this hitting, Jessica Guynn of USAToday called for comment, and when I mentioned that I appreciated her doing a call to fact check things, unlike many other journalists who had already run stories, she said, “Well, these days there’s a low bar [for fact checking].”

Online publications no longer care about doing actual journalism.


Alejandro Martínez

iOS/Mac developer & Beatles fan

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