Little girls jumping around

a puddle

ignoring their parents

calls to come back.

As I pass by, I smile at them.

They find the approval

they waited to splatter

more from the puddle.

Few drops that fell on me

whisper — We are the moments

that you left around, and let go.

We waited for you long.

We crawled a long way

first to find each other, and

then gathered here

in the hope that you will pass by.

I stand still with tears

and smile at them.

I recognize each one of them.

Some old, some still young.

Mean while, the girls find joy in splattering more.

We are trying to survive here.

Some of us hide

inside the ground, during the day

only to come back in the dark.

Some of us get thrown around

then crawl back here again.

We have lost many of ours

and yours waiting for you.

I feel numb

listening to their call —

Show some love.

A few tears find their way

to meet my wet hands.

Others left in the puddle

watch this moment

trying to hold their tears.

Mean while, the girls find more to splatter.

I bend down on my knees

at the puddle, hold them

in my palm to promise

I will be back again.

As I walk away, they huddle

to bring together

the new born moment.

Mean while, the girls find more to splatter.

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