Aggregators integrated with iiko in the UAE: Jeebly, 1click2deliver, Entertainer.

As you know, there are lots of aggregators to choose from here in the UAE. For example, Uber Eats, Zomato, Talabat, Eat Easily, Entertainer and so on. All the orders from these aggregators drop into you Point of Sales system automatically. Now you have to process the orders manually, but we promise you won’t have to deal with it already in 2020. iiko provides such a feature in many countries now, so the UAE is on the way as well.

But now let’s go back to our delivery services. In general, you have 3 ways to deliver your products to the customers:

  1. Your own drivers
  2. Aggregator’s drivers
  3. Outsource delivery (a new one)

The outsource delivery is a fast-developing option right now. It can be described as B2B Uber. You can put all the order details in the tablet, press OK, and the nearest driver will come to your place and deliver the food to the customer. Such companies usually take a fee per every delivery, and such approach seems to be more efficient than teaching and maintaining hired drivers.

Also, when the order comes to you from any of the aggregators, you need to put it into the POS first, and then send it to the outsource delivery company. The system is quite complex, as you can see.

Our CEO Leo decribes the situation in this video on YouTube

For your own drivers iiko has iikoDriver mobile app. In this case, any order is landing into the app, where the driver can accept it, create a route and notify you about all the order stages.

Aggregators delivery is like a black hole for us.

Due to a great amount of manual work, iiko company tries to eliminate it as much as possible. For this purpose, we’ve integrated with Jeebly and 1Click2Deliver. And now, when you attach the order to the driver, the signal automatically goes to the IT system of those 2 companies, and the nearest driver comes to you. In the end of delivery the driver only has to press the button in the mobile app. iiko automatically captures this moment and adds all the information into the reports.

This feature is already in work. So, if you want to upgrade your delivery service just call iiko to set it up.

iiko UAE website:

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