Three Weeks Ago, I Took a Lyft Pool That Changed My Trajectory

I opened the car door to a young, vibrant Asian man on his phone dropping phrases like “they have to slow their burn rate!” and “their technology incredible, but how are they addressing the customers pain?” Of course… we’re in the Bay Area.

Seeing as though I am currently navigating a startup, I became acutely aware of what and how he was communicating. It was an opportunity for me to sponge as much information as possible to translate it into my own successful launch.

What seemed like $2 million in transactions and a few acquisitions later, he was off the phone. Hoping to pique his brain and drop in on the wave of this energizing Lyft ride, I said something like, “yeah, gotta manage that burn rate, I feel you”. We spent the following minutes to the airport in a time warp discussing our projects and passions. I told him about how I deeply care about the world, and that my lover and co-founder, Carolina, and I both practice daily the pursuit of an embodied lifestyle. We discussed IMBODHI and how it is a medium to share our passion with our community.

As we pulled up to my stop, SFO Terminal 2, he asked for my number and said he would be in touch.

We’ve now had our second weekly meeting where he’s posed us with critical questions and given us clear deliverables. He’s urged us to apply to Y Combinator, one of the world’s most competitive startup incubators. With considerable pushback from me, he’s convinced us to begin selling our product, which is still in the prototyping stages. And now we’ve generated $1200 in sales in 2 days.

It feels like we’ve suddenly gotten off of the BART and are now navigating the streets with a souped up Prius.

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