One of the most powerful concepts in SQL data analysis is the window function, it took a little practice for me to really nail it and it become extremely useful on my Machine learning journey as you will see here in this article.

Learning to use this tool in different situations made my data analysis effective. The Window function allowed me to compare one row to another without doing joins! …

How do I substantially increase the volume of data I can comfortably work with? How do I increase the problems I can solve ? I had just realized that, a major part of machine learning is data.

It was so important that I spend more time on exploring data.Data is the most important part of Machine learning. If I have no data, then machine learning cannot help me, so before I get myselfself elbow-deep in machine learning, it was important for me to set myself for success

At this point on my machine learning journey, I had learnt all the…

GCP NETWORK, The largest of its kind on earth.

You have noticed that we are running all our SQL commands on our Termux terminal from our previous article demo at .

How can we scale this up? Can this approach be used to handle terabytes of data ? You maybe be wondering. Of course not, the good news is that all this commands that we have been writing can be used in the same way on the cloud .

A little about me is that I’m a cloud engineer by training, thanks to the Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2020…

Imagining myself as a marketing manager at Kiwanda, I wanted to compare Facebook as a marketing channel against all other channels.I knew Facebook is a great channel for my business, but is it better than all the rest combined ? How would I use SQL tool to answer this question?

So far on my journey, I used JOINs to explore the data, and I shared In our last article ( , as we looked at how to leverage SQL to link tables together. …

The real power of SQL comes from working with data across multiple tables at once. The term relational database reffers to the fact that tables within it realate to one another. They contain common identifiers that allow information from multiple table to be easily combined.

Keeping all companies data from purchasing transactions to employee job satisfaction to inventory in a single Excell dataset doesn’t make aton of sense.The table would hold a ton of information and it will be hard to determine row colum structure for so many different kind of data.

Databases give us the flexibility to keep things…

Entity Relationship Diagram for Kiwanda database

On my transitioning journey from software engineering to machine learning engineering I met data. What is the first thing first in machine learning? Yes you guessed right, data. Companies today capture tons of data and expect employees in all departments to use it methodically in their decision making.

A lot of this data lives in databases and most of the worlds databases are accessed using Structured Query Language which is abbreviated as SQL. It has been around since the 1970s and it’s the most common method of accessing data and the database today.

SQL is a tool, it has a variety of functions that allows it's us to read, manipulate and change data. In this article we will primary focus on part of SQL used in data analysis, because SQL has so many uses in software engineering.

You don't need to be…

Machine learning capabilities has empowered data scientists and developers to innovate, however it's always wise to take a step back, and the ask hard questions;

Are we innovating responsibly with machine learning ?

Are we deploying trustworthy machine learning solutions for our customers?

Are we enabling stakeholder confidence and regulatory compliance?

With great power comes great responsibility, we have read and heard that over and over again, Machine Learning is powerful , it’s a state-of-the-art technology that is helping the world’s most important institutions use their data to solve their most urgent problems.

We got to work for common good…

Machine learning is a remarkable technology in the field of artificial intelligence. Even in its earliest uses, machine learning has already improved our daily lives and the future..

This month is a historic month in my 5 years as an entrepreneur and software engineer: We introduced an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE [AI] resume screener and chatbot to manage recruitment on Talanta

Right now it is only getting started, but over time you are going to be amazed at what it can do!

Machine learning is among best innovations Africa can leverage and it is really amazing on how you can keep…

Let’s begin this way, I know you probably have heard this term Machine learning.Lets face it, it’s almost impossible to avoid it these days. Machine learning is transforming business world! Everybody is talking about Machine learning !

Machine learning : the next big thing in technology ! And you may have even looked at other introduction to it or overviews of machine learning, and most of them take away a very similar and predictable approach to this. It's almost like there is a template for how you are supposed to do it. …

My transitional journey from Software Engineering to Machine Learning Engineering

My Scholarship Bagde 😃

Take my hand . Become a companion and friend in these Machine learning articles . All of us are beset by fears and pain and doubts. We let ourselves get turned away from our goals by obstructions. But it is possible , as Marie Curie once reminded us , to change our world so that nothing in life is to be feared, only understood.

When I decided to pursue Data Science after a successful career as a software Engineer with an e-commerce tech startup in Karen, Nairobi that hired me…

Dominic Imbuga

Performs Data science

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