Today, the team and I are overwhelmed with excitement as we kickstart the public beta of Iris — your modern day emergency alert platform. Through hospital detection, Iris connects you with your loved ones, and your health data with medical professionals in the critical moment when you need it most — especially when you are mentally or physically unable to provide it yourself.

Once installed, Iris automatically detects you in a hospital. After remaining there for 10 minutes, Iris reaches out to confirm if you’re okay or not via a push notification. If everything’s okay, perfect, just hit the the button to confirm and Iris will go into the background again. If you’re not ok and Iris doesn’t get a confirmation from you, the emergency contacts you chose upon sign up will be informed via text message. Iris will also present your personal health card on the lock screen of your iPhone so ER staff can access your important health and personal data including your name, health status, spoken language, daily medication, and more. …

I’ve been trying to really digest the events of the other day after Trump’s executive order banning immigrants from 7 countries (for now). After seeing how quickly the tech giants urged their employees to remain in the country and others sent out their legal team to help employees and their family directly effected, I thought a lot about how this could impact our industry both short and long term. Though a federal judge overturned the executive order and ordered a temporary stay, it is in fact still temporary. The ban must still be tried in court from what I understand.

So what happens after? …

This post was inspired by a message I received from a fellow founder a while back about localizing his product.

When kickstarting a product, we understandably wrap ourselves up in research, design and development, hands messy from all things product work not worrying just yet about the slew of miscellaneous tasks needed to be accomplished. …


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