Being part of the design/software/tech industry for the last 6 years has been interesting. The speed at which software has evolved, and the capabilities of the devices that run it, is a little mind bending*. Both hardware and software are on a constant track of evolution with competing vendors defining new modes of interaction and influencing the way that we as designers consider how best to connect and present them.

Since the initial release of smart phones/devices there are now only two key vendors, Apple and Google, that are shaping the industry. Each year they present their vision of the…

In this post, we are going to unpack our process for designing meaningful software products at The App Business. And if at any point it looks or sounds familiar, then it is probably because you are doing it right.

A reflection of our industry, The App Business has grown rapidly over the last number of years.

While many agencies undergoing the same might look to match this growth by scaling the headcount quickly, in the design team, we have instead focussed on how to be smarter and more effective at solving design problems with the team we have. By concentrating…

If the rumours are to believed Apple is about to release a new Apple TV. Their long running “hobby” that’s been passively plugged into our TV sets for the last few years could be about to make its way into the big leagues and become another transformative product like the iPhone. What’s not clear from the rumours is if that transformation is going to happen overnight.

While the iPhone leaped years ahead of the existing generation of smartphones, it didn’t truly become transformative until 3rd parties were able to create meaningful apps and connected services that made it an indispensable…

Apples wearables are more likely to be a combination of sensors in a singular sleek faceless band rather than another new device with a screen. 

Who wants to design an app for a circular screen? I don’t. That’s not to say you can’t but it’s definitely not straight forward, it’s very limiting, more so than a tiny square or a thin strip and those aren’t exactly a great place to start either. I should know I used to design banner ads for a living and getting the right information to display at the right time was paramount. …


VP of Design @headspace

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