2015 was a year that brought a lot of changes for me. Whether it’s of interest to anyone else, I have no idea, but it feels like a useful exercise in reflection to write my thoughts down.

I quit my job of 6 years to start my own business

By far the toughest decision I made in 2015 was to quit my permanent job to start my own business as a freelance developer. I had 6 great years at Stinkdigital, making many great friends and working on fantastic projects.

I saw it grow from 6 to over 70 people in that time and had a huge attachment. Despite it being such a lovely place to work though I just got to the point where I needed to do something new and to make my own path.


Held in Barcelona, on the 24th and 25th of February 2015, this was the second Awwwards conference and the first I’ve attended. There were 600 attendees, with an even split between developers and designers. The atmosphere was very friendly and sociable, and the talks were excellent. Here’s my highlights in order of appearance:

Haraldur Thorleifsson

Real artists ship

Halli, creative director of Ueno, delivered a cracker of a conference opener full of fascinating insights into his process and philosophy.

One slide simply stated, “Stop pitching”. An excitingly bold statement, backed up with the rationale that “it’s impossible to pitch anything that makes…

Ian McGregor

Indie developer at McGregor Codes

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