What May Happen

The following is (partial) speculative fiction. Please, Mr. President, don’t get any ideas.

2016: UK Referendum on exiting EU (aka Brexit) passes, aided by Russian hacking.

2016: On the Presidential campaign trail, Trump antagonizes China, a nuclear power.

2016: Trump wins US Presidential election, aided by Republican gerrymandering, voter suppression, and Russian hacking. Notably, Trump loses popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.

2017: Trump inaugurated and proceeds to sign multiple Executive Orders, including backing out of TPP, alienating Australia and other Pacific nations and another barring entry to US by individuals from predominantly Muslim nations.

2017: Trump moves embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, destabilizing nuclear state Israel.

2017: Trump sends troops into Iraq and Afghanistan.

2018: Trump sends troops to Europe, and moves to disband EU and NATO.

2018: Trump sends carrier group to South China Sea, worsening relations with China. North Korea, putative nuclear state, becomes more openly hostile.

2019: Eyeing vast oil, natural resources, and workforce, Trump annexes Canada and Mexico. With UK isolated and EU and NATO dissolved, he is unopposed. He now controls landmass equal to Russia and China.

2019: Trump provokes enmity between Pakistan and India, South Asia’s nuclear powers.

2020: Citing need for security, Trump suspends elections indefinitely.

2021: Trump creates national police force, begins arresting non-Christians, journalists, people of colour, LGBTQ individuals, and liberals.

Author’s note: If I am disappeared in the next few years, can someone please feed my dog?