Multiply Your Traffic Exponentially By Repurposing Your SlideShare Posts Like Crazy

SlideShare is one of the most powerful and effective website for generating traffic to your blog or site. Well, for some niches at least. It’s important that you identify what people on SlideShare like, and create content to satisfy that craving. But why stop there?

Medium story teller, Julia Garza, mentions how you can multiply your traffic even more by simply repurosing your SlideShare posts in creative ways:

So you’re creating content specific to SlideShare: a compact version of your blog post with compelling images put together as a slideshow. But Ana recommends being efficient with your content. So you can repurpose that slideshow by adding voiceover and turning it into a video.
Then you can upload the video to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. You can use it to create a blog post or update on LinkedIn. And you can embed the YouTube video directly into SlideShare, too. You can also save the images from your slideshow and repurpose them as Pinterest and Instagram posts. If you look at the version of the Emoji Marketing post that’s on her blog, you can see a lot of these in action.

But why stop there? You can even tap into using Pinterest to get more power to your YouTube & Slideshare posts and properties.

How to Use SlideShare to Drive Traffic to Your Blog | Julia Garza